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What kind of weather to expect from Jan-Dec

Nothing is so unpredictable as the weather!?! Any how we like to supply you with some out look's or general weather conditions over the year for our region.
BTW: diving is available year around and there are only a few day's a year we have to cancel dive trip's due to weather reason's. Most of our dive sites are covered and sheltered by Island's and Bay's, so we can go diving even in not so ideal conditions. So what is in general to expect?

DECEMBER-MAY- our summer season. Don't forget your sun lotion!

Blue sky, N-E wind, some time's up to 6 Bft. Great for wind surfing. Ideal conditions

MAY-JULY– between the monsunes

Sunny, Cloudy, some rains fall's starting end of May, less wind, Wind direction change from N-E to S-W and back. Ideal conditions

JULY-OCTOBER– our raining season.

Don't forget your raincoat!Sunny some times, more cloudy, heavy rain fall's, tropical storms (low-pressure) & Typhoon are possible, Wind direction mainly S-W. Not so ideal conditions.

OCTOBER- DECEMBER– between the monsoon's again. Ideal conditions

Sunny, Cloudy, some rain still possible, less wind, Wind direction change from S-W to N-E and back. Late typhoon possible until December.

Air Temperature year around 25-40 C, climate is tropical.
Water temperatures between 27-31 C year around

Local currency: Philippine Peso (Php)

  • for the actual exchange rate please refer to the Internet:
  • Money Change

Our experience is that you get the best rate on cash for your currency while changing in Manila at a respectable Money changer or at a bank. As more far you move out to the province as harder it will get to change money and the rate is much less. Best foreign currency is U$. Don't expect you can change any other currency in the province (exception are frequent tourist places).

ATTENTION : Do not change money with any one who approaches you on the street, even his exchange rate sound's great ! Go only to official money changer offices or to a Bank!!

  • Credit Cards:
    Are excepted in many tourist areas. Main cards are: Master Card, VISA Card some places except AMEX Card. Expect a service charge of 5-10% on the amount! You can also get cash on CC at the CC- Offices located mainly in Manila.
  • PAYPAL is a good idea to have a Paypal account current. Many Place now except Paypal payments for reservation down payments and final payment.

Important Reminder in regards to Paypal:

Inform Paypal before you leave from home that you will be travelling to the Philippines for a specific time and that it will be ok to transact payments during this time from a IP address in the Philippines.  Many times Paypal will not process your payments as a security feature if you located normally outside of the Philippines and now receive payment requests from the Philippines.

  • ATM are available in Coron town at BPI and Allied Bank
  • Traveler cheque:
    Not easy to be cashed in. Only in Manila at several Bank Institutions. Best only in U$ currency. Expect a lower exchange rate then cash! Be prepared to write on every cheque: your name, address, Passport No. and 3. signature on the back. If you bring small nomination you better let make a rubber stamp with all this info's to avoid "hot fingers"!! 
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