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Gunter Bernert
Busuanga Island has fast became known for its excellent Wreck Diving opportunities. The wrecks of Busuanga  offer great diving experiences for beginners, advanced Divers and technical Divers. We have pioneered since 1989 diving  in Busuanga as the first professional Dive Center in Coron Town. Since then, we exerted all our efforts to constantly improve our services for our visitors & friends.
D’Divers TEC offers today:
  • Nitrox blends up to 100%
  • Twins and stage tanks
  • Sidemount gear
  • Rebreather divers 3.5 ltr tanks and softnalime on request
  • Courses in Nitrox, Advanced Nitrox,  Advance Wreck, Decompression Procedures, Extended Range, Gasblender up to Instructor level
We care as no one else for Technical & Rebreather Divers.
We love Diving and specially Technical Diving!
Gunter Bernert  
TDI/SDI Instructor Trainer #5920
TDI/SDI Regional Manager for the Philippines
TDI Courses available at Diver and Instructor levels: 
What’s NITROX?
“Nitrox”, more commonly known as Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx), is any combination of nitrogen oxygen (N2/O2). The first breath we took coming in this world was Nitrox. In fact every breath we took since has been Nitrox. The first dive we took using compressed air was Nitrox. Compressed air is 79/21, meaning 79% nitrogen (N2) and 21% oxygen (O2). EAN or Nitrox diving is diving with Air or Gas blends higher then 21% oxygen (normal Air).
What are the Advantages using Nitrox? 
In short word’s significant longer bottom time at a specific depth.
As you recall from your Open Water Course, our body absorbs nitrogen from the air we breathing, depending on time and depth we spend diving. Diving on NITROX  we reduce the partial pressure of nitrogen while adding oxygen in our gas mixture. This results in less nitrogen absorption while diving and gives us more bottom time!
Simple ? Very view things are simple as they first appear. The Nitrox Diver course teach you all about save Nitrox diving.
Mother nature provide the planet Earth with a Nitrox atmosphere know as air. She never said that air was the best breathing medium for divers. Here, as in many other fields of endeavor, human beings have used their knowledge of nature laws to go one step beyond what Nature has provided for them. (J. Morgen Wells, Ph.D. Director of the national Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, Diving Program)
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