Coral & Lake Diving

The Barracuda Lake

“The craziest dive in the Philippines!?!”

This spectacular dive starts with some ‘challenging mountain climbing’ in full equipment over sharp limestone cliffs. The climb only takes 10-15 minutes and the exertion is worth it. The scenery around the lake is spectacular and under water it’s been likened “diving in the moon.” There is a dynamic changes of water temperature in the lake with the temperatures reaching 28-38 Celsius. You can even see the thermal layers. After cooking and boiling, you will meet the “king of the lake.” It is a barracuda with an approximately 1.5m long who likes to guide the divers around his domain. It is a good chance for the underwater photographers to get a close-up of the big barracuda.

A dive that you should not miss!&

Max depth: 30 meters. Recommended education level: Advanced Diver, Mountain Climbing Diver Specialty.

Gunter’s Cathedral

Cave and coral dive

Location: south Coron Island

This beautiful dive spot was just discovered by us. It has an spiritual dive that brings you to a scenery which could remind you of a Steven Spielberg’s film. A Hole in the bottom of the sea, a small dark channel, lobsters and cowries shells, and then out of the darkness, a slight daylight penetration. You follow the light and it will bring you in a big cathedral behind the sea. Just unreal! You can even surface inside the cave. Back in the sea, you dive along beautiful corals.

A dive you should not miss!

Coral’s & Drop-off’s

Most of our Coral diving takes place around Coron Island, the Gutob Bay the nearby reefs between Busuanga & Culion. Dive sites like:

The Pinochle…

…Maming corner…

…Calambuyan Island

…North Key…

This are beautiful dives along the wall’s of Coron Island. The wall’s are filled with a big variety of hard and soft corals, big Fan’s. Perfect dive sites for under water photography with wide angle & macro. Different kind of Nudibrunches, Lionfish, Korckodile fish, Clownfishes &&&, even some times Turtles, Sharks and ray’s.